Carolina URISA Addressing Special Interest Group (ASIG)

You are invited to join the Carolina URISA Addressing SIG/User group

Addressing is at the core of almost everything we do within government organizations, and it is our belief those who issue these addresses deserve a group to discuss trends, gain knowledge from their peers, and hold discussions with like-minded professionals.   With all of this in mind we have created the Carolina URISA Addressing Special Interest Group, or for those that love acronyms…CURISA ASIG or just simply ASIG.  The ASIG is open to Carolina URISA members.  If you would like to join ASIG please email us at with your:

  • Name
  • Organization
  • Email
  • Phone number

If you are not a current Carolina URISA member…  – Carolina URISA Membership

Please share this membership opportunity to anyone that you think may be interested, or post to your favorite list service.  Also, register yourself in the Carolina URISA Addressing SIG discussion forum (below)….

Tell the group what you would like to gain from the SIG, or start a new thread.  Ask for the groups input on how they handle certain construction types… How they deal with addressing maintenance…. Anything you wish..

Our first face to face meeting will be held during the 2017 NC “30 rocks gis!” Conference Feb 22-24 2017 exact time TBA. – NC GIS 2017 Conference registration. As with any conference, register early for better pricing.

In the coming weeks your board will be pinning bylaws for your approval and enlisting volunteers for what we hope will be strong involvement in the 2017 GIS conference to be held in Raleigh NC.  We are currently working with the appropriate committee members within the GIS conference staff, to include addressing sessions, and possible addressing work shop(s).  This same conference will be our first “face to face” ASIG meeting.

Your inaugural ASIG board members are:

ASIG Chair – Wayne Brewer – City of Raleigh (NC)

ASIG SC Vice-Chair – Lisa Holzberger – GIS Coordinator, City of Myrtle Beach (SC)

ASIG NC Vice-Chair – Matthew Hamby – Address Coordinator Forsyth County (NC)

Secretary – TBD

ASIG At Large Representative (Federal, Private, and other) Colleen Sharpe –Senior Consultant with Spatial Focus (NC)

CURISA Board Member – Pam Carver