Who we are…

Carolina UR­ISA (CURISA) is the North and South Carolina chapter of The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), which is a nonprofit association of professionals using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other information technologies to solve challenges in state / provincial, regional and local government agencies and departments.

URISA is considered to be the premier organization for the use and integration of spatial information technology to improve the quality of life in urban and regional environments and CURISA is proud to be a 15 year old chapter of the organization. Our membership is over 200 strong and represents both urban and rural areas from North and South Carolina. Our members come from a wide variety backgrounds including GIS/IT, Planning, Zoning, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Public Works, Surveying and Engineering.

The CURISA board is made up of your colleagues who volunteer their time to continue the chapter and serve its members. All of the chapter’s activities revolve around the GIS industry in the Carolinas. Being a member driven organization, everything we do is for, by and about our members and the promotion of our members ideas, projects, products and services in the GIS industry.

We look forward to supporting our members and welcome your suggestions on how we can serve you better.
— the entire Carolina URISA Board

What we do…


CURISA seeks to continually create new ways to promote our members’ ideas and projects as well as the entire GIS industry. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Technology and policy workshops
  • Online Training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Biennial NCGIS Conference (co-sponsor with CGIA)
  • The Compass Quarterly chapter newsletter
  • Employment / advertising outlets
  • Policy guidance

In addition to the services we provide directly to our members, CURISA also works with other organizations to help shape public policy in GIS related matters. Our members contribute their time to serve subcommittees for:

  • North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council (NC GICC) and subcommittees
  • The Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (CGIA)
  • The North Carolina State Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC)
  • The South Carolina Arcusers Conference (SCARC)
  • Various local and regional users groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
CURISA is currently sponsoring an Addressing Special Interest Group (ASIG) for CURISA members that administer and issue civic addresses.  This group serves as a community resource for discussing trends, gaining knowledge from peers, and holding discussions with like-minded professionals.  Please see the link below for registration and discussions.


Support of other GIS related non-profit organizations and planned activities such as GIS Day is of great importance to CURISA. CURISA gives back in the way of scholarships, GIS Day activity funding and financial and organizational support to other GIS organizations. In addition, CURISA started funding GISCorps for the first­ time in 2006 and continues to do so.

CURISA By Laws revision 12/16/2008