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Specialty CURISA Workshops


Carolina URISA in conjunction with Kent Rothrock of Highland Mapping have created a new GIS workshop focusing on SDE technology.

The course will be a one day mix of lecture and presentation, in the creation and basic management of SQL Server-based ArcSDE Geodatabases. An introduction to SQL Server databases will be provided, focusing on the SQL Server 2008 model. ArcSDE Technology will be introduced and basic concepts explored.

Additional lecture and exercises will cover the following topics:

  • How to create ArcSDE geodatabases.
  • The ArcSDE Repository “Under the Hood” – how SQL and SDE work together to manage geographic data sets.
  • Creating and Loading Data (vector and raster).
  • Managing users – how to create logins and grant access to data sets.
  • Versioning – how it works and how to manage correctly.
  • Replication – how it works and how to use correctly.
  • Managing spatial and attribute indexes.
  • Tuning the geodatabase.
  • Best practices for managing ArcSDE databases.
  • Advanced topics (time permitting).

The next workshop will be determined at a later date…keep checking the website for updates!


Along with Bruce Taylor, Project Manager (PM) with Critigen, Carolina URISA has created a new GIS workshop focusing on the utilization of project management principles on geospatial projects.

Workshop attendees will learn practical project management techniques from the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and how to apply them to everyday geospatial projects. The workshop will cover projects such as hardware/software upgrade rollouts, GPS data collection, high-volume document scanning, and more!

In addition, fundamentals of project management will also be addressed such as Work Breakdown Structures, Resource Planning, Scope and Cost Control, Scheduling (including dependencies, slippage, critical path, etc.), Risk Management, Change Management, Communication and the Project Lifecycle. Participants will leave with an understanding of how these techniques can be used improve project planning, monitoring and execution, and how to maximize the chance of a successful project.

The next workshop will be determined at a later date…keep checking the website for updates!