The CURISA Compass Quarterly newsletter is written by and contributed to by officers and members at large. The newsletter is viewed as excellent media to communicate chapter issues, but more importantly provide our members with an outlet to share ideas, announce projects and publish achievements. We publish the newsletter through the NCURISA listserv and the NCGIS listserv via the UNC School of Government ( click here for access to listservs)

Recent Compass Quarterly Newsletters ­

CURISA Newsletter Q3 2013
CURISA Newsletter q2 2012
CURISA Newsletter q3 2012
CURISA Newsletter q4 2012

Newsletters are also available for the  CURISA Addressing Special Interest Group (ASIG) below.

CURISA Addressing Special Interest Group (ASIG) Newsletters ­

ASIG Newsletter – October 2016

ASIG Newsletter – February 2017

ASIG Newsletter – June 2017

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Previous CURISA officers have been kind enough to open their files for inclusion in our archives. If you have an old CURISA newsletter, please let us know.